I said I would make a new blog. And you thought I was lying. Of course, I intended to create it a lot sooner but hangovers, 3,000-word essays, hopeless romances and the number of times I had to go to the shop because somebody had used all the damn soy milk. What can I say, life gets in the way.

But I said I would do it, and I did. I’m not sure what will come of it yet, but I winged it with the last one and it seemed to go okay- until the daisy wallpaper and the terrible font began to get on my nerves. No offense to Blogger, of course.

So this is my fresh start, and after everything that’s happened this year (I’d compile a list, but I doubt you have a spare lifetime to read through it), I hope this gives you something to read whilst you’re searching for your fresh start too.

I wanted to write about my experiences as a mixed-race female. Everything that I felt I couldn’t tell my friends and family, everything that I kept bottled up whilst I was monotonously writing about stuff I didn’t care about. And I felt I needed a space to do that. Free of judgement, word limits, and worrying about the correct place to put a semi-colon because does anyone truly know?

And thus, I aim to be truthful, but not brutal, because I generally like to be on the good side of friends and family and not be knocked off of everyone’s Christmas card lists.





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